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Welcome, East High School Alums, to this blog featuring daily picspams from the High School Musical movies as well as pictures of the cast. All of the graphics posted are either made by me or reblogged from other blogs.

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*says unpopular opinion in class*


*says unpopular opinion in class*

high school musical meme: [9/10] songs » scream

The day a door is closed, the echoes fill your soul.

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favorite disney films → high school musical 2 (2007)

"Here’s to the future."

"No, here’s to right now."

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high school musical meme: [8/10] songs » can i have this dance

Together or not, our dance won’t stop.

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Kelsi, my sawed-off Sondheim, I’ve been in seventeen school productions. And how many times have your compositions been slipped in?
This would be the first.
Which tells us what?
That I need to write you more solos?
No. It tells us that you do not offer direction, suggestion, or commentary. And you should be thankful that me and Ryan are here to lift your music out of its current obscurity. Are we clear?

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can I have this dance?

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